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Stock Weigh

3300 Stockweigh
The 3300 StockWeigh is designed to be used under small platforms and light squeeze chutes. Just add the StockWeigh indicator or the DataMaster and a power supply, now you have an ideal weighing system for cattle, hogs, sheep and exotic animals.

The NEW 3300 design features patented "State-of-the-Art" Digi-Star load cells and mounts that:
  • are 16", 24", or 33.5" in length (2 per system)
  • are 3300 lbs. capacity
  • Are self-aligning on uneven terrain
  • Are more capable of shock absorbtion via patented rubber mounts
  • Improve weighing reliability on all surfaces
  • Handle the stress of shock loads in most animal weighing procedures
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel construction for increased durability