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Systems Starting at Under $3,000

TMR Tracker Ă and TMR Tracker Lite ˘ utilize an itegrated system of hardware and software from Digi-Star.

Example 'Basic' Systems under $3,000
  • EZ3500, factory-installed TR
  • DataKey Kit
  • TMR Tracker Lite ˘
(Load cells not included)

TMR Tracker Ă

Full-Featured Feed Management Software System - Powerful Windows-based feed management system. Features full inventory tracking, vendor/supplier tracking, custom reporting, radio frequency data transfer option and much more.

TMR Tracker Lite˘

Entry-Level Feed Management Software System - The TMR Tracker Lite˘ is a Windows-based feed management program, designed with quick access to the most common functions - standard drop down menu selections and many automated features. TMR Tracker Lite˘ provides ease of use and standard reporting features of TMR Tracker.Ă Best of all, as your needs change, you can upgrade the TMR Tracker Lite˘ program to the full TMR Tracker.Ă


Use the Intenet to connect to a remote site with TMR TrackerĂ and the E-Tracker˘ - one of the many fine products from Digi-Star!