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Data Master
Stockweigh Indicator

Thanks to the EZ 2000 Indicator by Digi-Star, it's EZ to have the best weigh-up and weigh-down capability available.  And now it's even EZ-ier to read with the new EZ 2000V Indicator with oversized display.

Both the EZ 2000 and the EZ 2000V are most commonly used with simple feed mixing applications, animal weighing, grain carts, weigh wagons, and deck scales.  And like all Digi-Star EZ Indicators, both provide the highest quality in the business, plus more functions, features, and extended capabilities compared to the competition!

EZ 2000 & EZ 2000V are available with the following configurations:

EZ 2000
Part Number
400590 EZ 2000 (1 Display) 6 digits
400590-01 EZ 2000 w/rem (Remote Port)
400590-02 EZ 2000 w/ser (Serial)
400590-03 EZ 2000 w/rem/ser (Remote and Serial Port)
400590-04 EZ 2000 w/T/R 315 MHz (Transmitter/Receiver)
400590-05 EZ 2000 w/T/R 433 MHz (European T.R.)

EZ 2000 V
Part Number
400591 EZ 2000V (1.7 Display) 6 digits
400591- 01 EZ 2000V w/rem (Remote Port)
400591- 03 EZ 2000V w/rem/ser (Remote and Serial Port)
400591- 04 EZ 2000V w/T/R 315 MHz (Transmitter/Receiver)
400591- 05 EZ 2000V w/T/R 433 MHz (European T.R.)